Within Me – hope for a new joy is for anyone who is struggling in darkness or despair. It offers a path to light and comfort when the realities of life threaten to defeat us. This book offers hope in a simple and loving way – just as God does. The illustrations will soothe your soul and this book will be one you refer to again and again.

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Deanna illustrated and wrote Within Me - hope for a new joy from her personal experiences with profound grief. Using her artistic talents she conveys with images what is often too hard to express in words. Deanna is an artist and graphic designer who resides in Davidson, NC, with her husband Terry. This is her first book.


“This book illustrates the depths of my sorrow, the grief that was ever present – even when I was feeling joyful and happy. It speaks of a darkness that pulled me in, even when I didn’t want to go. Many years after having created these illustrations, I’ve added text in the hopes that this book will help others heal just as it helped me when I poured out my grief and joy, using chalk pastels –  with abandon.”                          -Deanna


Within Me - hope for a new joy is appropriate for pre-teens to mature adults. It can be purchased at Main Street Books in Davidson, NC

or online through Amazon Books.

Reader Reflections

Reading this book was a singularly delightful, yet also emotionally moving experience. What touched me the deepest was the symbolic juxtaposition of images of hope and darkness. You have found a way to describe experiences of traumatic and unspeakable grief in a uniquely personal and transcendental way. Very nice — soulfully done!

— John B. Rowe, PhD, Depth Psychologist, Pastoral Counselor,

Davidson United Methodist Church, Counseling Center

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You reached right into the core of the pain and exposed what we all are so good at sheltering from public, prying eyes. This book will be a treasure for those who grieve, those who love them, and those who minister to them. And we will all find ourselves in one of those three groups sooner or later.

— Rev. Berta Spencer, Associate Pastor,

Davidson United Methodist Church


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